Patient Comments

Patient Comments

To help others in their decision-making about whether to have an abortion and which abortion clinic to go to for compassionate care — we share former patient comments below.

“The procedure was quick and the Doctor was really general and the nurse was really nice. They have me good hospitality while I was there. Highly recommend the time of appointment was very discreet and on time. Love the waiting area not a whole lot of people.”

“I went here this morning, EVERYONE was amazing. From the receptionist down the woman who did the ultra sound. A lot of you who wrote negative reviews I’m sure came in with a attitude. You have to understand there are only a couple of clinics in Houston that do these procedures so yes its going to be busy…I really appreciate everyone here and thank you for your services!!”

“Prices goes up depending how many weeks your are duh!! anyways!
Great services!!! Remember ladies leave your problems at home don’t bring it to the clinic for example while i was waiting for my appointment there was a couple who was very rude to the receptionist for no reason especially the guy he was rude it made me feel uncomfortable i was thinking its not mine business but damn come on guys like really you cause the problem and they are there to help not to be disrespected its not their fault that’s my opinion. Well good thing my experienced at the clinic was great from rep to nurse to doctor they were awesome thank you!”

“Very nice place. First time being here and I can say it was a great first time experience. The staff is very friendly and understanding.”

“This clinic was great everyone was very nice the doctor did a very good job every body take care of u you from start to finish i just what to say thank you to every one at suburban women”s clinic and Dr. Adebayo you guys are awesome thanks for everything.”

Houston Women’s Cosmetics always appreciates feedback from our valued patients.