Losing volume in your face is a natural part of aging, but fat-transfer treatments like BeautiFill™ can help restore the youthful shape of your face.

At Houston Women’s Cosmetics in Houston, board-certified cosmetic surgeon Adebayo Adesomo, MD, and his expert team use the innovative Alma BeautiFill™ to transfer fat from another part of your body to your face without damaging your skin.

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What’s the BeautiFill laser?

The BeautiFill™ laser combines fat, suction, and laser processing to aid in fat transfer. This groundbreaking procedure takes fat from an area of your body with excess fat, such as your abdomen or thighs, and injects it into an area with noticeable volume loss, such as your face. This is known as an autologous fat transfer.

Traditional fat grafting is effective, but in many cases, high-quality fat cells simply don’t survive the procedure. With more advanced laser technology, the BeautiFill™ allows Dr. Adesomo and his team to quickly harvest your high-quality fat cells, without damaging them, before they are purified and instantly re-implanted elsewhere.

Which areas does the BeautiFill laser treat?

The BeautiFill™ laser is a comprehensive solution for autologous fat transfer that targets areas where you experience noticeable volume loss, such as:

  • Face
  • Buttocks
  • Breasts
  • Hands

Many women choose laser fat grafting after undergoing a mastectomy to rebuild and reshape their breasts.

How does the laser work?

This unique fat-transfer system allows you to remove fat where you don’t want it and inject it where you do. Because the BeautiFill™ laser protects approximately 95% of the fat cells it removes, the entire process is quick, efficient, and long-lasting when compared to traditional liposuction and fat grafting.

One of the treatment’s most notable features is its proprietary conical tip laser fiber, which is covered in a protective glass sheath. This helps protect the removed adipose tissue, or fat tissue, while evenly distributing the fat where you want it. 

What is recovery from the laser treatment like?

Autologous fat transfer with the laser is a minimally invasive process that gives you the dramatic results you want without the pain and lengthy downtime of traditional cosmetic surgery. Though minor pain and discomfort are perfectly normal, it should subside within days of your treatment.

The laser treatments help you look and feel your best in an hour or less. The best part? You don’t have to turn to artificial fillers to achieve the best results possible.

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